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Our retail store is chock full of the newest exciting board/card games and classics for everyone to enjoy. Scenic City Games specializes in games but there are also toys, storage supplies and various other gaming related accessories available. Come pay us a visit or give a call today!

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The store is host to a large games area where groups of people can get together to do many things! Play test decks from your favorite collectible card game, start a roleplaying game campaign with your friends, or just simply bring a pal or two to try one of the many board games we have on the demo shelf. Check the Calendar page to see what is going on in the Gaming Area.

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Jenneral Thoughts

In the store, I get asked for my opinion a lot, which is good because I’m an opinionated person!

“What’s your favourite board game?”

“What do you think of the new Magic set?”

“Which D&D setting is the most interesting for new players?”

Your questions will now be answered…at least from my point of view! Here I’ll be posting opinion pieces on games and products we carry and support in the hopes of stirring thoughts and igniting interesting conversations with all of you. (These opinions are just that - personal opinions. Please don’t take any information here as fact.)

arena battlefield.png

Episode One - MTG Arena

In this segment I’ll be discussing my thoughts about Magic the Gathering: Arena.

villainous box.jpg

Game Review - Villainous

Our monthly feature game for June 2019 was Disney’s Villainous. Click the button to read my review!


Game Review - Men at Work

Our monthly feature game for July 2019 was Men at Work. Click the button to read my review!

Dungeon Master Resources

These articles were designed as workshops presented at the Owen Sound Mini Comicon in May 2018 and in a series of 9 evening sessions in the summer of 2018. They are designed to provide guidance, suggestion and insight into how another DM would run a campaign. DMing is a very personal experience. This represents how I choose to run my games; you may choose to do things very differently. All PDFs are FREE to download.


This segment teaches players with no experience what they need to begin playing, how to form a character concept and working together with your group and DM. Download the PDF here. Download a 5e Character Sheet here.

D&D 101:

A New Player’s


Session One:

Getting Started

In this segment we discuss everything you need to know and purchase to construct your first D&D campaign from scratch as Dungeon Master and pick your players. Download the PDF here

Session Two:

Tailoring Your Campaign

This segment covers the first time you sit in the DM chair with your new group. We’ll discuss Session Zero, house rules and gaming styles. Download the PDF here

Session Three:

Middle Management

This segments focuses on group interaction, metagaming, and keeping the peace between players and DM. Download the PDF here

In this segment we discuss choosing and running one of the published adventures, supplementary materials, how to call for skill checks and a detailed look at combat. Download the PDF here

Session Four:

Adventure Awaits!

This segment teaches you how to role play NPCs and enemies, creating NPCS and enemies and adjusting encounters on the spot. Download the PDF here

Session Five:

You Are The

Captain Now

This segment focuses on wrapping up a published adventure, downtime options and what happens after “The End”. Download the PDF here

Session Six:

Happily Ever After

In this segment we’ll learn how to create our own homebrew adventure from scratch starting with building characters, story lines and locations. Download the PDF here

Session Seven:

From the Mind

of a DM

This segment will teach you how to create your own monster stat blocks and dungeons as well as tackle the Challenge Rating System. Download the PDF here

Session Eight:

Roll For Initiative!

This segment discusses wrapping up your homebrew adventure, final boss battles and tying your story into new campaigns. Download the PDF here

Session Nine:

The End…maybe?